BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

COMPITSS offers a variety of services such as Data Services, Document Processing, Finance & Accounting, Technical writing and Publishing to help your business. Our services help businesses save their Time, Money and increase their capabilities.

We provide the right mix of technology and process knowledge to achieve cost effectiveness and 24/7 coverage for the processes to save businesses time, money and increased capabilities.
The advantages we bring to your business are


Our services let you save your valuable time by spend more time on your business than housekeeping and allows you to focus on your customers

The essential elements of COMPITSS business process outsourcing are its model, knowledge, experience and ability to free you and your resources from some of your day-to-day back office data management tasks or data gathering for your market research and planning tasks.


Our services let you save money by saving you and resources focusing on your clients or new business than housekeeping

Companies that outsource business processes to us save money because it lets you to focus on your business than doing things that can be done by some other means quicker and cheaper.


Our services let you increase your capabilities with services and resources.

COMPITSS services come with increased capability. In addition to doing things more efficiently, you can expand your ability to deliver new products and services to your customers.