Our Process


We work with the Hiring Managers at the clients and the prospective candidates at the same time. The unified process is to understand both their expectations and fulfill their needs in terms of skills, roles, responsibilities and rate, bring them togetheras a single unit to complete the client projects’ successfully.


Our account managers will establish a relationship with you not only to understand your existing staffing requirements, but to help plan for future ones.

As one of the first tasks, Our account managers work with the customer’s hiring manager to identify the current and future requirements. This unified approach helps our account managers to learn more about your requirement as well your expectations in candidates as to what defines a “Qualified Candidate”.

  • Alternatively clients may provide us with the information and using this data, COMPITSS will begin sourcing for current and future requirements. Reactive Sourcing for your current requirements draws candidates from our proprietary candidate database of pre-qualified & screened candidates and from the database of our vendor connections.

  • Proactive Sourcing for your expected or planned requirements are recruitment in advance so that the turnaround is faster with the highest quality and at a better price when the requirements become current. The end result is that you find better qualified candidates at the required time at the expected rate.


We build rewarding relationships with customers. We work with them as a team to understand their requirements. This unified approach helps us present the right candidate to our customer.

We build relationships with candidates. We are genuinely interested in helping them find positions that best suit their needs. We maintain our relationship with them as their careers progress and we usually know when they are ready to find a new position when their current assignment is about to complete and before that information is posted to a job board.

Since we work with both the clients and the candidates at the same time with the same intensity and commitment, our process is effective and fruitful to all the parties involved.

Process-Based Recruiting - Benefits:

  • Better Candidates

  • Controlled Cost

  • Candidates available on time for Projects



Providing quality IT professionals is at the top of our list, regardless of the hiring preference. It is imperative that we locate, attract, qualify and establish long term relationships with these candidates for immediate and future opportunities.


After successfully identifying potential candidates that appear to meet our customers’ technical profile, our pre-screening process begins evaluating candidates quickly and accurately. There lies the foundation of our process.


We use online test, technical screening with our technical person to evaluate the technical skills of the candidate.


To ensure a better fit within our customer’s organization, face to face interviews are conducted. During this interview process, the potential candidates are asked about their career interests, current and past project responsibilities, reasons for looking for new opportunities, salary and/or rate expectations, and availability. We also take this time to give each candidate insight on why they should consider employment opportunities with us and what sets us apart from our competition. We also discuss our client’s opportunity and have them meet with the account manager that is closely working with the client. After the interview, a minimum of three references are checked, documented and made available for the client to preview. If necessary, drug screening and background checks are conducted for further security measures. At the end of the interview process, our team has enough knowledge on the candidate to communicate, with confidence, why they feel this candidate is qualified to perform the job with highest satisfaction.


Our goal is to provide our clients with the best talent in the marketplace. To ensure complete satisfaction, we conduct a 30-day and quarterly follow up call on all staffing engagements.